Just Speak is a Detroit-based nonprofit dedicated movement-based, healing-centered education that provides crisis support and resiliency programming for children and youth aged 3-17 years. To display Just Speak's amazing and important work as part of the Co.Act Nonprofits in Action Design Showcase, END Studio worked with the Just Speak to desig a fun and empowering interactive acitvity to co-create the installation. During a movement workshop, participants were provided with paints and cardboard canvases to express themselves. The team of choreographers provided music and dances for the youth to perfrom. Embodying rhythm, emotion, and freedom of self expression, the participants painted with their hand, feet, and bodies.

Installed at Co.Act, the playful shapes and informational panels paraded across the window, interspersed by LED lights to create an engaging and infomative display both day and night.

Who            Just Speak, Design Core, and Co.Act
Where         Detroit, MI
When          2021
How            Project Team: Elise DeChard, Kapish Cheema, Sophie Yan,
                    Valeria de Johgh, Hannah Green, Zoe Faylor, Ashley Hsu