Kaleidoscope is a dazzling landscape of reflective and refractive forms set in a mirrored mylar prism. Like the beloved handheld toy, KALEIDOSCOPE transforms simple materials into endlessly shifting visual excitement! Illuminated by color-changing LED lamps, the display will continually shift reflections of city lights and people passing by, multiplying our view into an infinity of overlapping scenes, throughout the day and night.

Who             The Farwell Building/Detroit Center for Design + Technology
Where         Detroit, MI
When          2019
How            Project Team: Elise DeChard, Kapish Cheema

This dramatic experience is built from 3 fluorescent light diffusers, 105 feet of greenhouse Mylar, 352 square feet of cardboard, 150 feet of black construction paper, and over 350 machine screws.

One passerby likened the experience of KALEIDOSCOPE to interdimensional space travel.

Another described KALEIDOSCOPE as portals into the multiverse.

Day or night, up close or across the street, KALEIDOSCOPE brings a pop of technicolor holiday cheer to the Farwell storefront.