Design in progress for the renovation and addition to the former Stanley Hong’s Mannia Café, an iconic Googie-style local landmark designed by the great Nathan Johnson, into a new performing arts venue, lounge, and restaurant. Built originally as a Chinese food restaurant for the Hong family, the building was used as an occasional hip hop venue known as the Rhythm Kitchen during the early 90s. As part of the renovation of the former Stanley Hong's Mannia Cafe, a new rooftop addition with feathered panels with a metal mesh overlay will extend the interior ceiling height from 11' to 20'. The lounge addition to the east is designed with an angled massing to tie into the existing building’s elevation. The renovation and additions seek to celebrate the exuberance and grace of the existing swooping concrete facade. While simpler in form and materiality than the existing architecture, the new additions express a complementary formal geometry, rhythm and tactility. The project aims to restore and reinvigorate Nathan Johnson’s brilliant design with harmonious contemporary additions, breathing new life into this important architectural and cultural icon in the city of Detroit.

Under construction - check back for updates!

Who            Undisclosed
Where         Detroit, MI
When          Expected 2023
How            Project Team: Elise DeChard, Ashley Hsu
                    Structural: Silman
                    Contractor: TBD