The new bar and event space at Street CRED will be a mix of old and new Detroit - a place for creatives, entreneurs, and newcomers to gather and revel in they city's legacy. Designed with an urban speakeasy atmosphere, the interior pairs the rawness of historic painted brick walls with the warmth of a walnut bar, the industrial details of suspended lights and steel shelving with an organic painted mural on the floor, to create a space that transitions from bright and casual during the day to cozy and romantic at night. In the lobby, a salon style collection of framed photographs and mirrors is an homage to Detroit's history and future. Guests are emboldened to see themselves amongst our greats in the gallery wall. The bathroom hallway strikes a bold tone pairing painted wainscot with a street art mural up above.

Who             Crawford Real Estate and Development
Where         Detroit, MI
When          Expected 2022
How            Project Team: Elise DeChard, Sophie Yan
                    Contractor: TBD