Unlearning Studies

Pop Up Repair Shop / Unlearning Studies is a two-part design-as-social-practice / design charrette combined into one installation piece.

Unlearning Studies is the result of a design charrette where we collected broken, discarded furniture and homegoods, and reconstructed them into new designed objects. Going into the project, we wanted to create a dialogue about inclusion within the design field, questioning who and what was included in the category. By working intuitively and limiting our material palette, we wanted to rethink the western design ideals that we had absorbed as a part of our design education.

The pieces displayed here propose a living environment centered around the idea of gathering and warmth - a low table with a soft underside that serves as a hearth for eating and socialization and a long hanging lamp that casts a rosy glow over the scene.

Unlearning Studies is being exhibited at Never Normal, curated by Form&Seek at Wasserman Projects from September to December 2020.

Who             Form&Seek, Wasserman Projects
Where         Detroit, MI
When          September 2020
How            Project Team: Elise Dechard, Kapish Cheema, Sophie Yan